We offer ANY graphic design need for your business. You can see a list of the most requested services, however we can create mostly everything you need. Regardless if you are just starting your business or if you just need a makeover, we are here to help you! Please, contact us with any special request.

New business? First thing you need to decide (after what you are going to offer, of course) is your logo and your palette colors. I will guide you with how it should look and create it with your style in mind. Either fun or cute or formal? We will work it out together.




It is 2015! Your business needs to be online! Even if you are not planning on having an online store with a cart, you still need to have an informative site and/or a blog with the latest news of your business. I can also assist with maintenance and a blog posting at a weekly fee.

Truth is everybody is there! I know Social Media can be overwhelming, specially for people who are not so techie, but I can help you create it, or just a makeover if you already have them, and even post on your behalf.. Depending of your line of business, I will suggest which ones you need.

Not everything is online! Business cards are a must have for every business owner. Then, depending on your line of business you may need stationery (letterheads, envelopes...), and/or marketing material like flyers, brochures, postcards, etc). We can decide together what you may need,

Everybody hates spam! However, I can help you create a newsletter for your business that you can send with a limited frequency with special offers and important information. An email sent monthly or just during the holidays, it is always welcome. The key is moderation.

Of course there is! It is impossible for me to list (or at least very difficult) all the things that I can do WITH you for your business. This truly depends of your line of work. If you have something in your mind that I didn't mention above, please feel free to ask me about it, and most likely I will be able to do it.

Other things that I can think of are: Menus for Restaurants, banner for the back of your car or a window at your store, calendars, posters for your beauty salon, custom folders for your school, you name it.

I know, I know... So many designers out there! And I am pretty sure most of them also do it with love (let's face it, this is really fun after all).

However, there is one thing that sets me apart from them: I will work on your design as long as it takes for you to love it without any extra charge. This means that I wont charge you extra after you make a third or fourth (or tenth) change to your logo design. I seriously do nothing with an unhappy customer and I will need you the spread the word about me, The only way that would do that is if you are 100% satisfied. Another reason? Because I answer fast and I am easy to talk to. Another reason? Because I care. Your business will become my baby and it will make me proud to see it "look pretty". So, come on... don't wait... Contact us today!

Too much information together? Don't know where to start? Just contact me and talk to me about your business and I will you the guidance with suggestions of what I think you need.

You can visit the "Pricing Area" for an idea of our costs, however don't stop there. I promise we can work something out depending of your needs and size of business.

Need to view examples? Make sure to stop by the design's section.

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