Graphic Design is not just something I do, it is something that represents who I am. I honestly and truly LOVE designing and I can't picture my life without it.

If you have been to my other website, you may have read how I started making personal projects like cards and party favors when I became a mom, however designing websites comes from way before that. When I was a freshman in highschool, we took a whole year of HTML coding at the computer class and I knew that it was something that I could enjoy. After that, during my high school years, I took some classes at a local college for graphic design and I was hooked. My first website that went public was a fan club for a televion show for kids (around 1996), and I think the best word to describe how it felt to work with it was "Joy". It truly made me feel butterflies to be able to do new things everyday (still does, to be honest), and to be able to see what I was able to accomplish. When the time came to decide what I wanted to go to college for, my mom begged me to study graphic design and I remember that I told her that I wasn't good enough to do that (of course I wasn't, that is the whole point of going to college, right?). Anyway, I decided to study Industrial Psycology and even though I don't regret it, I wish I would have listened to my mom (mothers always know best).

After a few years of having my creavity in hibernation mode I started doing designs for my first daughter's photos and then cards for my friends. My first designing business was born when I was pregnant with my third child and it is called 3 Little Flowers because I have three daughters and "Flowers" is their last name. A couple of years after, a customer asked me to do a flyer for her business and I started doing little things for different businesses. At some point I realized, I needed to separate the two businesses because they had different targets and 3LF Creative Studio was born (I'm sure you guys can tell the 3LF is for 3 Little Flowers). Little by little I have been growing my portfolio and I can't wait for more.

Gabs, Cami-Cami and Mimi: My inspiration, my muse, my reason to keep my head up and a smile on my face every single day.

Photography to me is not just about taking pictures or having a nice camera... it's all about having the super power of freezinga moment that you can share and relive over and over again.

I take photos of just about anything, however my real passion is taking pictures of people. I love taking pictures of babies, kids, families, events, and it really makes me happy to bring a smile to other people's faces when they see their pictures.

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